Colorado Jeep Girls

​​​​​​​Do you want to join us on our awesome adventures and want to serve the community by giving back?  

To get "vetted" in:

-Join us at one of our Member Interest Meets. This is where you can check us out and see what we're all about and figure out if Colorado Jeep Girls would be a good fit! Our club is different than most any club out there, and we pride ourselves on that!

If we feel you'd be a good fit for the club, you will receive an email from our President or Member Ambassadors inviting you to the club with further instruction on what to do next! 

Colorado Jeep Girls is Colorado's first and only exclusive, all-female Jeep club in the state.   

The experience you get with Colorado Jeep Girls is second to none. We have monthly meets in several areas in Colorado through chapters, camping trips, off roading trips, heavily discounted On Trail Training with the club, free classes on maintenance and more for your Jeep, all girls trips (as well as the CJG Retreat) and so much more! We participate in many events and put on our own as well, while always trying to give back to the community.

When you pay your fee and become a FULL member, you will receive:

An exclusive membership Colorado Jeep Girls sticker 
A membership card that grants you discounts with our club sponsors for goods and services
An exclusive t shirt for the year
A completely paid for dinner or bbq once a year

Many free/discounted classes through the club and our sponsors

Membership Fee

For 2019​

New Member:$62
Returning Member in good standing: $52

Associate Member: $32

(Associate Members are base members and membership  includes a sticker. Associate Members are invited to Meet and Greets, but are not invited to other CJG- only events)

Membership fees are per year. There are no monthly dues.​ 

Membership Requirements

-Be a lady with enthusiasm about Jeeps and off roading (Must currently own your own Jeep)

-Must do at least one trail cleanup with the club per year. This is not included towards your volunteer hours. 

-Five volunteer hours per year with the club during an event

-Make at least FIVE meets per year (There are generally at least three meets state wide per month)

All-girls Retreats and Trips!

Trail Clean Ups!

Monthly Meet Ups!

Off Roading!

Girls Shop Nights!

To preserve, protect and help with upkeep of our trails and public lands, while creating an environment for women to feel welcome regardless of their skill level on the trail.

Colorado's All Girls Jeep Club

Fundraising for Charity!